FFeb 18, 2014
Production wraps on Amit Gupta's Nothing Like This

Oct 3, 2013
Production starts on Squat

Aug 16, 2012
Mirror Image is launched with 1st Feature It's A Lot

Feb 29, 2012
'Interview with a Hitman' sells to the US and around the world

Sept 5, 2011
'Interview with a Hitman' goes into production

June 2, 2011
'The Man Inside' goes into production

May 11, 2011
Stormhouse is invited to premiere at the prestigious Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Aug 1, 2010
Scanner-Rhodes next feature film 'Operation Stormhouse' goes into production

Apr 26, 2010
City Rats wins a British Video Association Award for marketing initiative.

May 04, 2009
City Rats enters the official UK DVD chart at number 6 selling an outstanding 26,354 copies in week 1

April 24, 2009
City Rats premiere's at the EEFF in front of a star studied sell out crowd

March 04, 2009
Revolver announce release date for City Rats.

Feb 20, 2009
City Rats to premiere at The East End Film Festival.

Jan 19, 2009
City Rats premiere's at Slamdance in front of a full Park City audience.

Jan 14, 2009
City Rats is snared by Revolver ahead of the films world premiere at Slamdance.



A film by Steve M Kelly


Tamer Hassan, Danny Dyer, Ray Panthaki, Kenny Doughty, Susan Lynch,
Myanna Burring, James Lance, Natasha Williams

4  5 

Danny Dyer as Pete                                      Myanna Burring as Sammy

Take a ride through the City and discover the truth…

Revolver Entertainment is proud to announce the release of City Rats which will be out in cinemas on April 24th and on DVD on April 27th 2009. The muti-platform release will give viewers the ultimate choice on how they want to view the film: at home on DVD or pay per view or in Cinemas.

Shot on location in the City of London, this dark comedy is a collection of blended tales featuring eight troubled Londoners struggling for recognition and approval amongst an extensively diverse society, in an over-buzzing environment. Through redemption, torment and frankness each lost soul finds a solution, albeit in darkness or in light.

Eight haunted people meet and fall apart - looking for redemption in each other. Jim (TAMMER HASSAN) is throwing watermelons off his office roof. He's testing the effect for a possible suicide. But then there is Sammy (MYANNA BURRING) on an adjacent roof about to jump herself. They meet, delay their departure and set off searching for other ways out than down. Sue's ex-boyfriend, Dean, (RAY PANTHAKI) is struggling with his creativity. His paintings are getting panned and his poetry ripped apart. He needs a muse - and who better than Gina (SUSAN LYNCH), the experimental prostitute with dodgy legs who lives next door.

6  7

Susan Lynch as Gina                        Tamer Hassan as Jim

However, Dean soon finds out that Gina never does anything for free. After a short fling with Dean, Olly (KENNY DOUGHTY) is lost in a world of sexual confusion when forced to look after his deaf-mute brother Chris (JAMES LANCE) for the day. Olly discovers that not only does Chris have gay feelings too, but is more comfortable with them than he is. They embark on a searing quest through Soho's gay community to help Chris loose his virginity, but no-one has more to hide than oldest brother Pete (DANNY DYER). He's being stalked by Carol, a timid old lady looking for her son - a guy Pete knew from his violent drug days. Fearfully Pete opens his frozen heart to Carol and they begin a treacherous journey to the woods to find her lost son. By the end, each lost soul finds a solution and connections are made or missed and longed-for families brought together for a moment of hope.

Refreshing and original, this film scrubs the gloss of one of the world’s most glamorous cities and exposes the melting pot of London’s East End, while boldly exploring contemporary issues such as sexuality, disability, ethnicity, love, life and death, unleashing home truths to unearth longed for hope.

The Premier for City Rats will be showcased at the East End Film Festival, Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel on Friday April 24th and the Apollo West End on Saturday April 25th, followed by a cast Q&A. City Rats will continute to run at the Apollo exclusively for the next five days. This may be the only chance to watch the film at the cinema.


  • For further information / Interviews / Stills / DVD review copies Revolver Entertainment: +44(0)2072434300 or press@revolvergroup.com

Web Site Links: www.cityrats.co.uk or www.cityratsthemovie.com


9Danny Dyer (Football Factory, Human Traffic, The Business, Outlaw) Born and raised in London; Danny is no stranger to the screen, previously working on Human Traffic, Outlaw and Football Factory. He constantly brings electricity, humor and wit to everything he does, captivating audiences across the country.



Tamer Tamer Hassan (The Business, Layer Cake, Cass, Eastern Promises) A popular face on TV as well as film, Tamer’s credits include, Layer Cake and Eastern Promises. He continues to impress and has stared in major Hollywood blockbusters such as Batman Begins and along side Morgan Freeman and Jet Li in Unleashed.



Myanna Burring (Lesbian Vampire Killers, The Decent, Doomsday) Swedish born Myanna was listed in the Guardians list of Top Ten graduates in 2004 and has worked along side British director Neil Marshal twice in his feature films The Descent and Doomsday, alongside Bob Hoskins and Malcolm McDowell. . Myanna is set to take the world by storm as she appears along side James Cordon and Mathew Horne in the highly anticipated release of Lesbian Vampire Killers.

11 Ray Panthaki (28 Days Later, Ali G Inda House, Kidulthood) Ray has previously worked with Oscar winning director Danny Boyle as well as working on Ali G Inda House and long running TV show, Eastenders. He has recently set up his own production company and was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award for his role on stage in Gladiator Games.


 12Susan Lynch (Beautiful Creatures, Enduring Love) Susan won the Kenneth Branagh Renaissance Award for most promising Student at the Central School of Speech and Drama. She has gone on to work along side Johnny Depp and Heather Graham in From Hell and Rachel Weisz in Beautiful Creatures. Susan also won the Best Actress award at the Irish Film and Television awards for her staring role in Nora.

13 Kenny Doughty (Elizabeth, Crush)
Although Kenny is no stranger to acting, his reputation is skyrocketing on an international scale. He has landed staring roles in The Empresses New Clothes, Outlaws and appeared in The Crew and Oscar Winning, Elizabeth.



14James Lance (Marie Antoinette)
James has made his name appearing in popular British TV shows such as Teachers (Series two), Spaced and Moving Wallpaper. His film credits include Brit film Late Night Shopping, Sophia Cappolas, Marie Antoinette and Search for John Gissing.


15Natasha Williams (The Bill)
Natasha is best known for her work playing PC Delia French in long running ITV Drama, The Bill. She has also appeared in an episode (Gridlock) of the popular TV show, Dr Who.




  • TITLE: City Rats
  • RELEASED: 27th April 2009
  • RRP: TBC
  • RUNNING TIME: 94 Minutes
  • EXTRAS: Deleted scenes, the making of City Rats, an alternative ending, extended scenes
  • CREDIT: Revolver Entertainment, Face Films, Urban Way, Scanner-Rhodes Productions
  • FORMAT: Blu-Ray and Vanilla

Notes To The Editor:

Revolver Entertainment is one of the UK’s leading independent film, DVD book and music distribution companies. Forthcoming DVD releases include Tyson: The Movie, James Toback’s award-winning film of World Champion Mike Tyson, Haunted Airman starring Robert Pattinson and Running The Sahara narrated by Matt Damon. Forthcoming theatrical titles include Encounters At The End Of The World, directed by Oscar nominee Werner Herzog, Fermat's Room, Just Another Love Story and Synecdoche, New York, the eagerly anticipated directorial debut from Charlie Kaufman.

City Rats is a Scanner-Rhodes, Face Films, Urban Way production.

- END -

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