Feb 18, 2014
Production wraps on Amit Gupta's Nothing Like This

Oct 3, 2013
Production starts on Squat

Aug 16, 2012
Mirror Image is launched with 1st Feature It's A Lot

Feb 29, 2012
'Interview with a Hitman' sells to the US and around the world

Sept 5, 2011
'Interview with a Hitman' goes into production

June 2, 2011
'The Man Inside' goes into production

May 11, 2011
Stormhouse is invited to premiere at the prestigious Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Aug 1, 2010
Scanner-Rhodes next feature film 'Operation Stormhouse' goes into production

Apr 26, 2010
City Rats wins a British Video Association Award for marketing initiative.

May 04, 2009
City Rats enters the official UK DVD chart at number 6 selling an outstanding 26,354 copies in week 1

April 24, 2009
City Rats premiere's at the EEFF in front of a star studied sell out crowd

March 04, 2009
Revolver announce release date for City Rats.

Feb 20, 2009
City Rats to premiere at The East End Film Festival.

Jan 19, 2009
City Rats premiere's at Slamdance in front of a full Park City audience.

Jan 14, 2009
City Rats is snared by Revolver ahead of the films world premiere at Slamdance.

SCANNER-RHODES PRODUCTIONS LTD was established in 1999 by Dean Fisher to develop and produce feature films for theatrical release and broadcast distribution.

Scanner-Rhodes has produced eight feature films and successfully marketed two short films, earning a reputation for being creative and resourceful in bringing groundbreaking film projects into the mainstream.

NJDVDBOXIn January 2006 Scanner-Rhodes Productions embarked on their first feature film. NightJunkies is a dark, sexy, urban vampire thriller. Filmed on High Definition Video on a micro budget of £50,000 (the equivalent to a single shot in a Harry Potter film!) the film was made at 3 Mills Studios and on location around alleyways once frequented by Jack The Ripper. After receiving numerous offers the film was signed up by International sales agents Renegade Pictures and a US representative, Strategic Film Partners, in November 2006 in a deal which recouped the films budget. Night Junkies was released in the US by Illumination in July 2007 and went quickly in profit grossing $300,000 on US rentals alone. The film has since been sold to 11 territories, including Zone Horror through Content International.

CR_DVDIn August 2007 Scanner-Rhodes secured the funds, working through the Enterprise Initiative Scheme (or EIS), for their second feature film production. City Rats is an ensemble black comedy and a witty social commentary set in London. It features Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan, stars of international hit films The Business and Football Factory – collectively they have appeared in some of the UK’s biggest feature film successes of the past decade. City Rats also stars Susan Lynch (From Hell, Waking Ned, Elizabeth), Ray Panthaki (28 Days Later, Ali G In Da House, Kidulthood) and Myanna Burring (The Descent and Doomsday). City Rats received a theatrical release in April 2009 by Revolver, with its UK gala premiere at the East End Film Festival and world premier at Slamdance 2009. City Rats was produced on a micro budget. On May 4th 2009 City Rats entered some UK DVD charts at number 3 and the official UK charts at number 6 having sold a staggering 26,365 copies in week 1. The film has continued to hold it's own by selling 350,000 DVD's in the first year of release, with a projected life cycle of 500,000 DVD's. City Rats has been sold internationally to the USA, Germany, Australia amongst other countries, firmly placing Scanner-Rhodes Productions as a bankable and commercial producer of films in the world marketplace.

stormhouseIn July 2010 Scanner-Rhodes Productions green lit its third feature film 'Stormhouse'. Directed by Dan Turner, the film was shot entirely on a disused Military Base in Suffolk creating an amazing backdrop and setting for a ground breaking high concept Horror film. Stormhouse script and story is extremely very powerful, but most importantly is part of the very successful horror genre. Horror films which do not need high profile cast or talent in order to be successful, as successes like Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project, the Descent, Dog Soldiers, Saw and Hostel. Stormhouse was picked up by highly reputable sales agent AV Pictures.  The film was launched at the AFM in November where it has pre-sold to five countries on the promo alone. Lionsgate released Stormhouse in the US Feb 2012, with the UK release by High Fliers later in the year. Stormhouse premiered at the prestigious Edinburgh International Film Festival, Screamfest LA & Frightfest in 2011.

In June 2011, Scanner-Rhodes Productions secured the funds to its fourth film 'The Man Inside', written and directed by Dan Turner.

The Man Inside was produced in conjunction with Kaleidoscope Film Distribution, North Star, The Fyzz, Urban Way and Northern Film and Media.

The film stars Ashley 'Bashy' Thomas, Peter Mullan, Michelle Ryan, David Harewood, Carl Barat, Jason Maza amongst many others.

This boxing thriller was shot entirely in the North East with the support of Northern Film and Media giving the film an amazing backdrop which will show locations, never seen on film before.

The Man Inside was released theatrically in the Summer 2012 in 30 screens.


In September 2011, Scanner-Rhodes Productions were fortunate to secure the funds for their fifth feature film 'Interview With a Hitman#.

The film stars Luke Goss in his first role shot entirely in the UK. The film is written and directed by debutant Perry Bhandal.

The film again was produced in conjunction with Kaleidoscope Film Distribution, North Star, The Fyzz and Northern Film and Media.

This crime thriller takes a different angle and look into the Hitman world. Luke Goss brings a breathtaking performance which will see him push the boundaries as never before. Interview with a Hitman was released theatrically in the Summer 2012 and has sold to over fifteen different territories worldwide.

In August 2012, we formed a partnership with distributor Kaleidoscope and accountancy film Graham Associates to produce a slate of micro budget films under the new Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme under the banner of Mirror Image Films. The first project selected was the urban comedy It's A Lot. The project was selected because of the strength of the script and the potential of the urban comedy market. The film was very American in its approach and paid homage to the classic 80's films Ferris Bueller's Day Off, House Party and Risky Business. The film came with a fair amount of the cast already attached as they were friends with first time writer / director Femi Oyeniran. The film went into production in September 2012 and stars a whole host of well known comedians, film, TV and radio stars, including some of the key actors in the Kidulthood series, Femi Oyeniran, Red Maddrell, Jazzie Zonzolo, Kojo, Eddie Kadi, Roxanne Pallett with cameos from Tim Westwood, Manga, Sarah Jane Crawford, Frisco, Target, Arnold Oceng, Danny 'Slim' Gray, Ace amd Guvna B. It's A Lot was released nationwide on 27th October 2013.

In August 2013, Scanner-Rhodes Production started filming The Contract (formerly known as Squat). The film was shot entirely in London and is currently in post-production.

In January 2014, production began on our eighth feature film Nothing Like This by the highly respected writer director Amit Gupta. In the leading role is rising star Daisy Bevan, daughter  of Joley Richardson, niece of Liam Neeson and granddaughter Vanessa Redgrave. Also joining Daisy is Dan Skinner (Angelos Ephithemu) and Ray Panthaki. The film has recently finished shooting in February and is due for release in Winter 2014.

After extensive development, our new slate for 2014, includes titles, The Christmas Office Party 4D, Where There's A Will & Served Cold. The projects have been developed on a shoe string budget. Served cold is currently being developed with Leigh Dovey the writer, Johnny Kovorkian (The Disappeared) directing and co-produced by Guy Allon (Lipstikka). We have recently carried out a script reading and are making changes based on the cast suggestions. After that a casting director will be attached before going to market and financing.


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