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If you are looking to get your project off the ground but need the help and expertise budgeting your film we offer professional budget and scheduling service. 

We will start by breaking down your script scene by scene looking at all of the elements required to shoot the film. This will involve assessing every detail which could impact the cost of your project. There might be the need for some script formatting tweaks at this stage so that the scene numbers correlate with the eventual schedule. 

Will then put the breakdown into a shooting schedule and generate the reports so we can accurately budget your project. From there we will create the full detailed budget based on our production experience. The budget will be created in either Movie Magic or Excel and be delivered to you as a PDF document. 

The price depends on how in depth the script is. A standard drama / comedy with a 100 or so scenes is a lot easier than an action film or sci-fi with big set pieces and complex scenes. If there is in excess of 150 scenes that can take a bit longer. We charge a daily rate and the quote will be based on a capped amount of time spent on providing the service.  

For a quote on our budgeting and schedule service please email 

Production Management

We are a one stop shop for managing and servicing your production. Whether it will be a drama, commercial, corporate or TV series we will handle all aspects of the production from local casting, crewing up, hiring equipment, location scouting, permits and general production management from concept to delivery. 

Our 23 years as a company means we have built up strong relationships and have dealt with many different production requirements. 

We can enter a production at any stage from concept to post production. We can also manage the application to the BFI and HMRC for your tax credit application. 


For more information or a quote from on our production management service please email 

Portugal Productions

Portugal Productions

We have just set up an arm to service productions in the Portuguese Algarve. If you have a production which needs servicing in Portugal we can manage all aspects of your production.

For more information please go to:

Acquisitions & Development

We have a number of different types of projects at various stages of development. 

We are currently developing a number of TV series, comedy dramas, feature films and interactive films. 

Please do not send unsolicited scripts. We rarely take on new content as we spend our time managing our new productions but we are approachable and would prefer to be sent a synopsis first. At the moment we are mainly looking to develop our TV and interactive slate. 


If you have a synopsis and would like to contact us, please email 

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